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Yes, it's true! You can set up your own or business and start selling everyday products - No technical skills required. Just a lot of Hard Work!


  • LEARN - access to our full training programs - Amazon Business Blueprint & Low Risk Product Hunting
  • JOIN - Weekly live training sessions with Krystel and Amazon experts from all over the world
  • MEMBERS AREA - access to our dedicated MEMBERS AREA with downloadable sheets, documents and videos
  • WEEKLY GROUP COACHING CALLS - Q&A sessions every week over Zoom with all the members 
  • COMMUNITY - Become part of a movement of new entrepreneurs taking over the e-commerce business in the Middle East
  • PRODUCT LISTING REVIEW -  Personalized feedback to help you target the MOST RELEVANT keywords and write a listing that will persuade shoppers to choose YOU over your competitors. 
  • And So Much More...

Why 'The Society' started?

I love amazon FBA. I think it is a fun and scalable business model. Myself and my team sell and have been managing major brands on Amazon for the past 7+ years.

However, I wanted to switch things up. Aside from the traditional courses, I know that something that will fuel success is being fully submerged in something. Laser Focused!

Being in an environment of like minded people will fuel your success. 
Getting weekly content exactly around your problem areas will ease your struggles and keep you motivated as you see that it really isn't that bad.

I want to guide you through the toughest parts with Amazon FBA and provide you with a sense of community. 

A growing group of people where we can all relate, help each other out, and move the process along. 

Amazon Sellers Society aims to be a strong part of your journey to success and beyond.
I will see you on the inside!

Billed Monthly, NO HIDDEN FEES
  • Full Training Program Amazon Business Blueprint & Low Risk Product Hunting
  • Live WEEKLY training session 
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Support + Guidance
  • Exclusive access to our community of 500+ members



Weekly Updates, Guidance, Support, & a Strong, Engaging Community

Join a Community

Learn from our Courses

Enjoy the Journey



Amazon Business Blueprint & Low Risk Product Hunting

We take you step by step through the process of creating your business on Amazon in the Middle East. From opening your account, finding a product to sell, contacting suppliers, bulk shipping...etc

Live 'Members Only' EXTRA Training sessions 

Weekly Live sessions on Tuesday at 8pm Dubai Time


Access to our MEMBERS AREA.
- Downlaodbale files
- Technical Video
- Replay of all the live sessions

Weekly 'Members Only' Group Calls

Coaching Q& A group calls Krystel

- Saturday - evenings

EXCLUSIVE community of sellers

Join a community of active Amazon sellers from all over the world and learn how to excel 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a monthly membership?  ✔ Yes, when you subscribe it will be an automated renewal every month.
  • Should I subscribe for a set period of time?    ✔ No, you are free to choose how many months you want to subscribe.
  • Any additional fee to unsubscribe?   ✔ No, just reach out to our team and deactivate your subscription.
  • What happens when I no longer need to be a member?   ✔ When you stop being an active member of the community, you will no longer have access to the courses and the community but the support team will always be available to help you if you have any questions or need assistance with your amazon journey. 
  • ​Is this membership made for all Amazon marketplaces?   ✔ Even though Amazon technically operates the same everywhere but there are always differences for each marketplace and we have created our 'Inner Circle' membership for people from all over the world BUT exclusively for the Amazon Middle East marketplace.
  • ​What type of selling models do you focus on?   ✔ We love Amazon and all the different selling models available but we primarily focus on Private Labeling and helping you launch and scale your very own brand on Amazon :)
  • Do you give refunds?    ✔ No, we do not give refunds. Only join is you are serious and if you REALLY want to create a business on Amazon - be ready to WORK!
  • Do you find products for me to sell ?   ✔ We support you every step of the way but we believe that the only to learn is for you to do everything yourself. We will teach you and be here to guide you when you need help but YOU will be doing all the work.

Have more questions?

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